Estimated birth on July 17th,
earliest delivery on September 11th
at 8 weeks.
All puppies are guaranteed to have brown talent.


J SEVCh SEU(U)Ch FIUCh Flatterhaft Cool Cat "Cola"



J  Flatterhaft Q-Star "Leia"

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Old becomes new, I am so glad that I have access to everything valuable, and have the opportunity to make this combination.

Father of the future little ones, was born 2003-06-18 J SEVCh SEU(U)Ch FIUCh Flatterhaft Cool Cat "Cola"
and grandfather 2003-04-15 J SEVCh LPI Flatterhaft Ding-Dong "Diesel"

Miracle to get the chance to line breed on "China" (J SEVCh Flatterhaft China Girl) nowadays, who has been a strong in her breeding, with healthy and sound in both work and exterior, in mine and several other kennels, and who also holds SKK Bruk's breeding award.

There may also be liver ones, but only time will tell...
Will present the combination in both text and photo, shortly.

Now the future mother (which itself comes from an insemination litter) "Leia" J Flatterhaft Q-Star, has taken her 3rd progesterone, so now it's off to Uppsala, at CaniRep on Monday.

Now keep your fingers crossed for us 🙂 ❤